Md. Asif Ferdoush

Master Student in Renewable Electricity Production at Uppsala University

B. Sc. Engg. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Eastern University, 2013.

email: Mdasif.Ferdoush.5969@student.uu.se, asifferdoush@easternuni.edu.bd,   asifferdoush@gmail.com

Wellcome to my site. I am Md. Asif Ferdoush. And I am the Ambassador of My School. Currently I am also in study leave from the department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering of Eastern University. I generally instructed students in their lab classes and doing research on power system control. My research interest includes Power System Stability, Distributed Generation, Electric Vehicle, Micro Grid, Smart Grid, SMES, SCES.

I completed my B.Sc. Engg. in EEE from Eastern University at fall 2012. My undergrad thesis was on “Power System Stabilizer Parameter Tuning using Frequency Response Method and AVR PID Controller Parameter Tuning”. Generally frequency response method is used to compensate a parameter at a desired point. This thing gave me the idea to use this method in PSS parameter tuning. After my graduation, I joined Wellmake Engineering & Technology as an Application Engineer in 2013, where I gathered practical knowledge about electrical system analysis, electrical risk assessment and energy audit. As I always wanted to be connected with an academic institution to enhance my research, I joined my Alma mater as the above mentioned position in May 2014.